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ייעוץ אישי למנהלים

Personal Consultation for Managers includes: 

  • Accompanying managers on a personal level with the managerial and leadership challenges facing them
  • Planning personal and organizational development by studying the characteristics and needs of the principal, understanding the organizational environment, integrating and matching the credo and characteristics of the organizational and business environment, setting personal and organizational goals, and building a work plan for personal development
  • Accompanying the processes of change, assisting in the analysis of leadership dilemmas, analyzing cases, providing support on the personal, emotional and professional level, and assisting in the practical implementation of ongoing management solutions

Personal counseling is done with the understanding that people are different from each other and therefore the consultation process must be different from start to finish. The goal of personal counseling is to help the manager succeed in his/her leadership position and enable areas under his/her responsibility to succeed. This is not merely a coaching process, as the goal is not the individual alone. The personal consultation is done systematically and strategically. It is supposed to help the organization by developing and empowering the manager. 

Personal advice to managers is given with an awareness of the manager's "loneliness" in decision-making processes and responsibility placed on his/her shoulders. The personal counseling enables the manager to share his/her dilemmas and receive real assistance in the processes of thinking, analyzing, reaching conclusions, planning, decision making, tracking implementation, learning lessons and making continuous improvement.

Team Development and Management Team Development includes:

  • Setting common goals
  • Performing joint work
  • Management team interaction
  • Team management skills
  • Social cohesion of the management team, including discussions, simulations and activities in the field

Team development is recommended when a new team is established, a new team manager is appointed, goals are changed, crises in the team's work arise, and/or strengthening teamwork within an organization is desired.

Team development is a process that builds teamwork and enables the manager to lead the team to new places in light of the organization's credo and goals. This is an excellent opportunity to consolidate the team around goals and to create a winning combination to realize goals.

About Us

Shmulik Ravid Ltd. is a strategic, organizational and personal consulting firm that integrates the three consulting circles in order to provide a complete solution from a systemic perspective to the customer. We believe that it is this combination of consulting strengths that enable the company to build a winning strategic approach to align organizational infrastructures, providing personal guidance to managers in leading the change and achieving business results.

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