Debriefing is a mechanism that is part of the culture of a learning organization.

The basis of this work model is the assimilation of a learning culture into an organization that will systematically facilitate and encourage learning processes.

The working assumption in the learning culture is that learning is a necessary condition for growth and development at the individual, staff and organizational levels. The cultural components include values ​​of transparency, openness, trustworthiness and mutual respect.

Lessons Learned is a structured and institutionalized arrangement that enables the organization and / or its members to collect and analyze data and information. This information enables the organization and its members to learn,  disseminate and systematically use lessons as relevant knowledge to improve the performance of the organization and its members.

Retrospective is aimed primarily at analyzing and improving processes in order to ensure that 1) the success factors will repeat themselves and will not disappear due to being accidental or vague, and 2) mistakes will not be repeated in similar events in the future.

Unlike investigation, Lessons Learned is not looking for culprits. It is focused on finding the truth and improving processes that lead to improved performance. Therefore, Lessons Learned does not deal with a specific individuals, but merely analyzes and improves processes.

Lessons Learned is based on the Israeli Air Force model, but has undergone developments and adaptations to the needs of the civilian market, using advanced and supportive methodologies that enable thorough analysis of processes, reaching the root causes and taking effective and practical lessons.

The proposed methodology includes creating an organizational culture of learning, assimilating methodology and drawing conclusions, and applying lessons learned in the workplace via a lesson implementation program.

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